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AL Mansour Auto EA (Tanzania) LTD supply Isuzu Genuine Parts offering efficient and reliable parts supply that affords Truck operators greater peace of mind, knowing that downtime will be kept to a minimum.

With AL Mansour Auto EA (Tanzania) LTD you can be confident that you will receive the best possible support for Isuzu Genuine Parts supply when it comes to service items, accident repairs and in vehicle off road situations.

The availability of Isuzu Genuine Parts, their prices, dependability and quality at AL Mansour Auto EA (Tanzania) LTD are all key elements in providing the high level of CARE that Isuzu is committed to.

When maintenance or repairs are required for such an important part of your business it makes real sense to ensure the integrity, safety and original specifications of your vehicle are maintained through the use of Genuine Isuzu Parts offered by AL Mansour Auto EA (Tanzania) LTD

Isuzu Genuine Parts provide a guarantee of quality at genuine value only by AL Mansour Auto EA (Tanzania) LTD

There are three fundamental reasons why you should:

1. OEM Quality

As Isuzu’s sole distributor in Tanzania AL Mansour Auto EA (Tanzania) LTD All supplying Isuzu Genuine Parts that are made to Original Equipment Engineering (OEM) standards. That means they are manufactured to the same high standards as the parts we use on our manufacturing line, and are subjected to the same performance, quality and durability tests. So when you fit Isuzu Genuine Parts, you know that the performance and safety of your vehicle remains as high as ever.

2. Peace Of Mind

Changing a part on your Isuzu is not as simple as just removing the old one and installing a new one, especially if the new one isn’t an Isuzu Genuine Part. That’s because the quality of a single part, no matter how small, has an impact on the overall performance of your vehicle – to the point where your engine or your chassis may not work to the same levels as when your vehicle left the showroom. For peace of mind: Genuine Isuzu parts offer only by AL Mansour Auto EA (Tanzania) LTD

3. Quality Guaranteed

All Isuzu Original Parts sold from AL Mansour Auto EA (Tanzania) LTD are covered for a 1 year or 20,000 KM whichever comes first. our Isuzu Warranty.

Isuzu Accessories

Whether you are looking to accessories your truck for practical or aesthetic reasons, or simply looking to optimize your time on the road, the Isuzu accessories range offers many options.

AL Mansour Auto EA (Tanzania) LTD offers you Genuine Isuzu Accessories that can increase overall functionality, boost vehicle performance, and increase resale value.

Genuine Isuzu accessories sold at AL Mansour Auto EA (Tanzania) LTD points of sales across the country are designed to enhance your total driving experience through the enhancement of your truck’s practicality and style. All Isuzu accessories are designed and manufactured to meet Isuzu’s rigorous engineering standards.

Simply browse through the extensive range of Isuzu accessories to locate just what’s right for you.

Please contact us for further information on Genuine Isuzu accessories.


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