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Currently we have a state of art 10 bay workshop attached to our showroom at Nyerere Road , with 7 bays dedicated to Heavy & Medium trucks and 3 bays dedicated to Light trucks. We have authorized service outlets in the major cities of Tanzania – like Dodoma , Iringa, Tanga, Shinyanga.

Al Mansour Tanzania aims at providing top quality after sales service to ensure the superb condition of your vehicle at all times.

Al Mansour Tanzania not only aims to offer the Best quality repairs, but also, to provide better customer service in general. At Al Mansour Tanzania customer satisfaction is guaranteed, with our state of the art facilities, equipment & handling we have earned the trust of our valued customers.

At Al Mansour Tanzania we offer three categories of servicing (Maintenance, Repairs and Heavy Repairs), aimed at offering a wide variety of services tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

Technology Enhanced

Technology enhanced

Al Mansour Tanzania service develops new test procedures, using both conventional and innovative methods and up to date technological equipment to ensure your vehicles are in good shape.

Technology Enhanced

Oil experts

Our trained technicians can Identify what oil to use at a particular mileage and also know the required oil for a particular vehicle to reduce the maintenance cost of the engine and ensure maximum performance.

Technology Enhanced

Double check

Al Mansour Tanzania always seeks perfection that is why our professionally trained technicians always go the extra mile to double check our vehicles to make our clients get the best service.



This is a service for repair works that can be carried out in period less than 8 man-hours. Some of these jobs include:

  • Shock absorber replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Spiral cable replacement
  • Horn replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
Heavy Repairs

Heavy Repairs

All other general repairs works fall under this category. It could be electrical, air condition repairs or general mechanical works.
For example:

  • Engine overhauling
  • Electrical repairs
  • Suspension overhaul,etc